Final update

This will be my final update...during the holidays..after this i got my hand full on another project (perhaps) :P
a few pix of the final installation will be updated for viewing purposes..thankfully the installation works and function accordingly for the final presentation. Here i would like to thanks the lecturer,Mr Kok Yoong and Mr Badrolhisham for assisting,and guiding me throughout the project (appreciate the advice so much), i also would like to thanks my classmate and all my friend who lay a helping hand and make this project a success!!Thank you all.
On the near future, perhaps this installation will contain a few more upgrade to provide more usability interaction and understanding of the terms "GLOBAL WARMING".


Measuring the distance between the dispenser and the tissue roll

Switch for the dispenser(triggered the button in the dispenser)

Keyboard hacking

After the trial and error (3 keyboard are wasted) i decided to use the gamepad hacking which proves to be more durable and accurate (but certain software needs to be downloaded)


Never knew it could kill - papercut as we all know can hurt us,but here metaphorically indicates the papercut that is used on toilet roll.The papercut here actually kills a tree thus the used of statement "never knew it could kill".Whenever the user plays the installation they will somehow notices that a tree will be less and less and they will contribute more to global warming.

Objectives - to educates the user on how a simple act such as save/recycle of toilet roll can help save the tree and prevent global warming.

The change of earth color from normal to red (indicates hot) shows the user and make the user thinks on what kind of world do they prefer to live in. The 'healthy' earth can be maintained if user helps to reduce/recycle the use of toilet roll.

Progress and Development


Video of earth rotating(normal to red)

3D/Artist impression

Programming early stage(beta testing)

on (release, keyPress "") {
for (var i = 0; i <= 5; i++) {
this._alpha -= 0.1;